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Helping B2B service companies to build marketing strategies for business growth.

B2B service marketing services

To build a fit-for-purpose B2B service marketing strategy and growth plan, it is essential to take a holistic view of the brand, the customer, the channels, the system, and the processes. 

These are areas I can help with:


Review current B2B marketing approach

Helping you to take stock of your current B2B service marketing efforts and operational approach with identification of shortcomings, and recommendations on where to improve to create strategic B2B marketing value.


Strategic B2B marketing plan development

Helping you to create and apply a comprehensive strategic B2B marketing blueprint in the development of your marketing plan to transform the marketing operations into high-value growth contributor.


Strategic B2B marketing plan implementation

Interim, contract or fractional hands-on strategic B2B marketing expertise working closely with your marketing team during the marketing plan implementation process.

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Marketing to B2B Service companies

When smaller and mid-sized B2B service businesses want to take their growth ambitions to the next level, the first point of call many times is to double down on their tactical marketing effort. Investing more in social media and producing more video content. Running more paid AdWords and expanding their website. And perhaps attending a few more tradeshows

However, moving along the capability marketing curve means a company must adopt a more robust business and strategic marketing planning process. It needs to move from tactical conversations to strategic planning.

And for many companies, it’s a big jump, and the return takes time. But it’s about scaling up marketing capabilities to win longer-term. It’s about balancing short-term transactional programs and long-term strategic revenue growth.

Creating growth strategies for B2B service companies

Growing a B2B service business is often about expanding into a new channel, penetrating an existing category, or entering a totally new sector. 

The opportunity to grow is about understanding the company’s position in the market and if your core differentiator resonates with your customers. Basically, do you have a long-term competitive advantage. 

And what about the customers you are targeting? Who are they, and are they likely to buy your services? 

And what do you know about your customers? How does your business solve your customers’ problems and support their growth?  

Are decisions customer insight-based, or are decisions solely based on industry experience?  

And what about your business brand? Does it have long-term premium pricing power, especially when managing cost and margins is so critical for any company?  

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B2B service marketing strategy and planning

Do you have ambitious growth targets, and need a new robust b2b marketing strategy? Are there any of the areas you may consider?


Increasing customer retention


Growing share of customers


Winning new customers in new segments


Launching new products

B2B Service marketing to ideal clients

Channel management is essential in B2B service marketing.

To build solid B2B service marketing strategies, it is important to identify who your stakeholders are and those that directly or indirectly influence the decision.  

That means you need to understand the difference between the perfect or ideal customer and different buyers’ personas in a B2B environment. If you do that, you can create strategies to engage, interact, and communicate with your target audience. And of course, provide the best experience during the customer journey.

If you want to hear more about how to approach channel management in B2B service marketing, please get in touch with Mikael.

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