Education Marketing

Helping educational institutes and vocational organisations to build a strategic blueprint to grow enrolments for domestic and international students.

Building education marketing strategy to grow your enrolments.

To build a fit-for-purpose education marketing strategy and plan, it is essential to take a holistic view of the student and the different stakeholders, all forming part of the decision-making process.

These are areas I can help with:


Review current education marketing approach

Helping you to take stock of your current education marketing efforts and operational approach with identification of shortcomings, and recommendations on where to improve to create strategic marketing value.


Strategic education marketing plan development

Helping you to create and apply a comprehensive strategic marketing blueprint in the development of your education marketing plan to transform the marketing operations into high-value growth contributor.


Strategic education marketing plan implementation

Interim, contract or fractional hands-on strategic marketing expertise working closely with your marketing team during the education marketing plan implementation process.

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Education Marketing student recruitment

The domestic and international student recruitment market is a highly competitive area. 

Whether attracting students to secondary schools, vocational institutes, or higher education, there will be many student options in one city alone. If you add interstate possibilities as well, the competition is enormous.

With proximity to other schools, colleges, and institutes, a comparison looks pretty accessible if you are a domestic student. And if you are a prospective international student, the web is one of the first point of call to gather information.     

However, the decision-making process is so much more complex than that. And as an educational provider, you must build strategies to become the prospective student’s first choice as they move through the stages of interest, enquiry of applications, offer stage, confirmation of enrolment, and finally, becoming a new student.

The decision-making journey is long, sometimes up to 18-24 months. There are many decision points along the way, and they are different depending on if it’s a domestic or international student.  

Education marketing and student considerations

Here is a list combined list of student considerations in no particular order—the actual education itself, the prospects of careers, the school’s reputation and brand, the learning facilities, student support, student experience, the application turn-around time, pathways options, packaged programs, Elicos accessibility, entry requirements, range of programs and courses, regulations, student life on campus, industry relationships, the destination, scholarships, placement opportunities, the value, the institute’s values, specialisation, accessible resources, word of mouth, and the list goes on.

All these areas will form part of the student’s decision making, and the educational provider’s opportunity to differentiate themselves.

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Do you have ambitious enrolment targets and need a robust educational marketing strategy to attract new students?

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Education marketing to stakeholders

Education marketing is complex, and it is the totality of marketing efforts brings results, connecting all the dots between the student, stakeholders, and the educational provider.

To build effective education marketing strategies, it is crucial to understand the different stakeholders and how to interact with them. While creating a strategic student marketing framework, marketing and communication need to consider parents, other family members, relatives, peers, friends, agents, or alums – all strongly influencing the decision-making process and the final student choice.

Please get in touch with me if you are interested in creating a new strategic marketing framework for education marketing.

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