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Helping medical device and healthcare businesses to recalibrate Marketing and build a new strategic blueprint for high-value growth contribution

Medical marketing services

To build a fit-for-purpose medical marketing strategy and medical marketing agenda, it is essential to take a holistic view of the healthcare setting; the practitioner, the practice staff, the front-of-house staff, the clinical staff, the payers, the consumer, and the patient.

When it’s time to unlock the business’ strategic medical marketing potential and recalibrate medical marketing for high-value growth contribution, I can help with the following:

These are areas I can help with:


Review current medical marketing approach

Helping you to take stock of your current medical marketing efforts and operational approach with identification of shortcomings, and recommendations on where to improve to create strategic marketing value.


Strategic medical marketing plan development

Helping you to create and apply a comprehensive strategic medical marketing blueprint in the development of your marketing plan to transform the marketing operations into high-value growth contributor.


Strategic medical marketing plan implementation

Interim, contract or fractional hands-on strategic medical marketing expertise working closely with your marketing team during the marketing plan implementation process.

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Medical device and healthcare marketing

Medical marketing is a healthcare marketing discipline aiming to win the hearts and minds of healthcare practitioners in medical and clinical practice. 

On the surface, a healthcare practitioner’s prescription choice may be seen as a linear function of the patient’s medical history, examination outcome and specific product benefits to achieve the best possible patient care.   

However, additional factors will likely influence practitioners’ prescription decisions. There are layers of ethical, regulatory, legal and commercial considerations which need to be taken into account, as well as direct and indirect influences from colleagues and peers in the healthcare industry.  

Health care marketing and its future

For any health care or medical device company, it is fundamental not only to gain insight into the needs and wants of a health care practitioner but also understanding the patient, the consumer. In the last decade they have become increasingly well-informed and self-diagnosed, and they love sharing their information online. 

The explosion of digital health applications and easily accessible online therapeutic and treatment information continues to shape the healthcare practitioner-patient dialogues and the future of healthcare marketing.

Medical marketing strategy and planning

Do you have ambitious growth targets, and need a new robust medical marketing strategy? Are there any of these areas you may consider?

  • Building health care practitioner engagement 100% 100%
  • Increasing customer retention 100% 100%
  • Growing share of customers 100% 100%
  • Winning new customers in new segments 100% 100%
  • Launching new products 100% 100%

To hear more about how I can help with medical marketing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Healthcare marketing and stakeholders

Because of the complex dynamics in the healthcare industry, it is the totality of marketing efforts that brings results, connecting all the dots between the medical practice and consumer interactions. Success first can be achieved when a company’s marketing function, sales operation and externally facing functions bring a cohesive approach into play and effectively manage all the different customer and stakeholder touchpoints. 

Medial marketing professional and consumer interaction

Creating a medical marketing framework with a customer-centric approach is pivotal. Sufficient strategic weight and focus need to be given to the healthcare practitioner, as the medical and clinical professionals are the decision maker and directly influence the brand recommendation.  

However, while it is essential to understand and support the role of the person who prescribes the medicine or treatment, the importance of other medical staff cannot be overstated. A marketing department needs to expand its marketing approaches to include other healthcare professionals, clinical staff, and other functions, as they serve an essential role in the decision-making process and chain of influence.

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