Building a winning strategic marketing roadmap for success

6 months program using my exclusive 12 step framework to build a strong marketing foundation for long term business growth.

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Welcome to the Strategic Marketing Roadmap Program

6 months strategic marketing roadmap program, specifically designed for businesses and organisations that want to:

Identify what’s holding back growth

If your business is experiencing a growth slowdown, let’s re-think your approach to marketing, identify gaps & opportunities to see things differently.

Bridge the business & marketing gap

Closing gaps between business strategy and marketing execution to ensure effective strategic use of marketing resources.

Build a new foundation for growth

Providing strategic clarity with a practical roadmap with key elements, and actions for developing a commercially focused strategic marketing plan.

Active implementation guidance

A collaborative approach for implementation with degrees of active involvement in your business as required.

Are you ready to start your journey?

Are you ready to start building your marketing blueprint and participate in the Strategic Marketing Roadmap Program.
Creating a clear path for business growth with a flexible framework that focuses on the areas that matters.

marketing services adelaide roadmap

Sign up to the Strategic Marketing Roadmap Program

  • 4-6 months collaboration to provide business direction for growth.
  • Partner with myself, your one-to-one marketing strategist.
  • Using a strategic framework to build your marketing foundation.
  • Working directly with the business owner and key marketing stakeholders.
  • Bi-weekly interactions, and actionable tasks between meetings.
  • Enhancing internal skills and capabilities to transform your marketing.
  • 1-page strategic marketing plan, the reference guide for your business.

The strategic marketing roadmap

A 4-phase, 12-step framework

marketing services adelaide roadmap

A flexible, strategic marketing framework that makes a difference.

Is your business ready to take the next step in your growth journey?

With an understanding that each company has unique needs and opportunities, I use a strategy-led marketing framework that helps to facilitate our discussions and focus on the areas that matter to your business.

You may want advice on how to do things differently, diagnose what is not working, or help build a strategic marketing plan that better supports your overall business plan. Or a deep dive into a specific brand and strategic marketing challenges or identifying marketing strategies with higher impact.

The Strategic Marketing Accelerator (Roadmap) Program: 4-phase, 12-step framework

Each step explained

Build your foundation

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 1 – Strategic marketing assessment

Discovery through stakeholder interviews, survey questions and available data analysing your current approach across 12 critical business and marketing areas to understand your current state of marketing. Identifying your gaps and opportunities to improve, keep or do differently. With the assessment report in hand, you will be able to see the highest leverage strategic marketing opportunities to change, setting the intention moving forward.

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 2 – Preparing for the future
  • P&L analysis
    The first step to prepare for the future is to make sure you have a robust performance analysis completed across your products, services, customers, channels etc to understand the historical drivers of your business’ revenue and margins and future trends and predictions. This analysis will assist in decision making to come.
  • Vision, Mission, and Values
    These documented statement are one of the most important document in a business. Why? Because well-articulated vision and mission statements guide the business forward and form the basis of your business narrative which helps internal and external stakeholders to understand the purpose and direction of the business. And critically, it guides the development of your marketing strategy.
  • Customer insights
    Do you regularly ask your customers about their needs, preferences, and concerns? If you don’t, then this will help you uncover valuable insights so you can make informed business & marketing decisions? Let’s unpack what you know, what you don’t know, and what you need to know.

Decide where to focus

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 3 – Your market position

This is about understanding how your business and/or brand in perceived by your target customers in relation to its competitors. It defines your business unique place in the market. Your market position is determined by how effectively you communicate and deliver your value proposition. Does your business have a functional or an emotional based positioning. Is it differentiated, distinct different, and is it relevant for the future. And if you understand how your customers perceive value, you are more likely to better to positioned for growth, with a premium price.

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 4 – Mapping choices

Strategic marketing is about taking a macro view of different growth options and map these business opportunities to see where to concentrate the marketing efforts. Identifying the choices will help the business to unpack the opportunity for existing vs. new customers, your distribution channels, product & service innovation, alternative segments, categories, geographies, new markets, penetrating or expanding into specific industry sectors.

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 5 – Making growth assumptions

No matter how attractive the options may look, it’s important to estimate the financial impact of your mapped strategic choices. By quantifying your estimate to each option, this will create a clear picture of how the business can transitioning from its current sales to projected figures. From a strategic marketing perspective, the “where to focus” will become rather clear when you are looking at all the options.

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 6 – Business goals & marketing objectives

Understanding how each choice contributes to growth assumptions, this step centres on clarifying business goals—a blend of financial and non-financial objectives. It’s time to set the marketing objectives to align with the business goals, making sure the strategic focus of Marketing is precise – steering marketing streams towards increasing volume and managing margins (price & cost), and balance short term ROI with building long-term brand and customer equity, measured with intermediate measurements.

Decide how to build

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 7 – Your Brand

Building a strong brand starts with having insights to what customers want, need or how a business can solve their problems. Then crafting an internal positioning statement and development of a core messages to guide how the company externalise this into a strong value proposition and engaging storytelling. Supported by distinctive brand assets to make the brand memorable, easy to notice and buy are all part of strategic marketing elements for sustained growth.

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 8 – Your Customer

Have you defined a clear customer profile or your ideal client? Have you mapped out your customer’s buying journey? Understanding these aspects helps you to engage customers more effectively throughout their path to purchasing your products and services. By enhancing their experience, you can improve retention, satisfaction, conversion, and loyalty.”

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 9 – Your Channel of Distributions

Are you effectively managing your distribution channels, recognizing that this is where your revenue comes from? Do you know who the key decision-makers are within those channels and what influences their choice to buy from you? Whether your business operates in B2B, B2C environments, or both, a deep understanding of your distribution channels is critical. Selecting meaningful marketing channels that align with your business model is a strategic marketing choice, determining how and where to communicate and best engage your audience.

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 10 – Your Products, services & innovation

Do you offer the right core products and services, considering factors such as quality, range, design, and delivery? Have you optimised marketing’s role and involvement in new product development and the go-to-market strategy for introducing new products and services? Making sure that marketing contributes to the ideation, creation, insights, and successful launch of new offerings can significantly the long-term success.

Strategic marketing plan

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 11 – 1-page strategic marketing plan

Putting everything together, it’s time to distil the priority strategies into a concise format that is clear and easily understood. This one-page plan acts as a strategic reference guide for your business, outlining essential elements of the marketing strategy that integrate your business vision, goals, strategic imperatives, marketing objectives that will then guide the tactics.

marketing services adelaide roadmap
Step 12 – Key growth enablers

As part of creating the strategy it’s important to discuss systems, processes, and capabilities that can help facilitate the implementation of the marketing strategy.

Implementation guidance

Translate your strategy into action with the development of your marketing programs, receiving guidance on tactical choices and effective implementation to grow the business. Lastly, prioritise continuous improvement with your performance tracking to make sure you are on the right track to contribute to growth according to the objectives.
marketing services adelaide roadmap

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marketing services adelaide roadmap