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Start or Finish your critial marketing projects

Fastrack products and marketing projects to get you more customers or more sales that you wouldn’t have time for otherwise.

A range of marketing management services on a retainer

As many marketing teams reach their capacity limits, adding new projects can pose significant challenges. No matter the importance of these projects, balancing time, priorities, and expectations is a demanding task.

For any upcoming specific marketing projects, I provide outsourced marketing services. This means I can assist, advance, or manage particular projects or initiatives on your behalf. With this arrangement, your marketing team can maintain focus on their ongoing daily tasks, while I take the lead in propelling new projects forward.

The extent of support is tailored to your unique needs and requirements, whether it’s for 10-15 hours per month, a day a week, or full-time engagement for a couple of months.

Below are just a few examples of the outsourced marketing services I can offer:

Campaign management

Overseeing specific marketing campaigns from conception to execution.

Market research

Developing market research briefs and conducting customer interviews.

Brand development  

Developing and refining brand messaging and identity.

Product launches

Managing the introduction of new products or services to the market.

Customer engagement programs

Designing and implementing strategies to enhance customer interaction and long-term engagement, thereby improving brand loyalty and retention.

Go-to-market strategy

Developing a comprehensive plan for launching new products or entering new markets to ensure successful and impactful market entry.

Website strategy

Developing a strategic approach to your web presence, focusing on user experience, content, and functionality to meet business objectives.

Channel management

Optimizing and managing various marketing channels, both digital and traditional, to ensure consistent and effective messaging.

Website audit

Conducting a thorough review of your website to identify improvement areas in SEO, usability, content, and design.

Marketing communication

Crafting and executing a strategy to effectively convey your brand message across various channels.

Marketing plan improvement

Providing a fresh perspective on your current marketing efforts to identify shortcomings and explore new approaches for better revenue generation.

Marketing workshops

Offering workshops and training designed for small businesses with small in-house marketing teams to support planning days.