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Access your fractional marketing director to grow your business without the cost of hire a full-time role. 

Helping small businesses and organisations to leverage from extensive corporate marketing know-how, providing guidance and strategic marketing direction to build sustainable business growth.

Grow your business with a dedicated one-person, strategy-focused marketing firm in Adelaide.

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Building a stronger foundation for growth.

” As a senior strategic marketing leader with corporate and Australian business experience I help companies to recalibrate marketing for long-term business growth. “

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Who I help

Marketing Value Creation is an independent strategic marketing consultant that partners with small businesses and organisations who want to move beyond marketing tactics and take a commercially minded, strategy-led approach to grow their business.

If you are ready re-think how marketing can strategically contribute to your company’s growth, but are unsure where to start, and what steps to take, I’m here to help.

Let’s start with a chat.

Marketing firm Adelaide

The benefits of hiring a fractional marketing director

Strategic growth marketing

Commercially minded marketing is critical for any company that wants to drive revenue and profitability that aligns to business goals and delivers result.  With limited resources in small companies, I will make sure that “Go for Growth” is translated into meaningful marketing strategies to take the company to next level.

Personalised client attention

As a small and independent marketing firm in Adelaide I provide personalised attention and involvement to my clients. Since I am doing the work, I am actively involved in all aspect of services to deliver on your requirements. With a deep commitment to client satisfaction, I provide tailor made solutions that fits your business.  

Flexible to your needs

As a small independent marketing firm, I understand the importance of adapting to the changing needs of clients, staying up to date with marketing trends and advancement to ensure effective marketing solutions that resonates with your target audience and ensure you stay a head of competition.

Demonstrated marketing leadership

With demonstrated success from marketing leadership positions in large global corporate enterprise, large international Australian business and SA Government agency, I will leverage my marketing know-how and bring a wealth of expertise to help you grow your business.

Cost efficient marketing services

As a marketing firm I provide senior marketing leadership services without the need to hire full-time. That means you can choose only a few consultancy hours or opt in for more agreed hours per week or monthly. This fractional or retained models work excellent for small businesses and organisations that what senior marketing expertise on an ad-hoc or interim basis.  

Collaborative approach

Your goals, aspirations and vision are essential to co-developing successful marketing strategies to grow your business. Together, we will change your current marketing strategies and outline a new marketing direction for long-term business growth.

Marketing firm Adelaide

Helping small businesses and organisations to grow, leveraging from corporate marketing skills and experience.

Key benefits

Increased efficiency

Helping small to medium-sized businesses and organisations to streamline their marketing operations and achieve their objectives more efficiently.

Competitive edge

Helping small to medium-sized businesses and organisation to strategically differentiate their brand and develop a compelling value proposition for a valuable competitive advantage.

Strategic planning

Helping small to mid-sized businesses and organisations to develop comprehensive strategic plans that are aligned with their business objectives and capable of delivering measurable results.

Marketing firm Adelaide

Bringing clarity and structure

Bringing internal marketing clarity

During busy day-to-day operations, it’s easy to quickly jump to conclusions about why things need to be fixed and make changes without clarity. If this happens too often, it may indicate a need for a clearer strategic direction. The best way forward is to take a step back, conduct a comprehensive assessment of your current marketing efforts, and I can help with that.

Bringing structured & systematic processes 

Taking a structured and systematic approach is essential when you want to step-change your current marketing approach. I will dive deep into your current state of marketing to identify marketing gaps and opportunities and then determine a starting point to build a future winning state.

Bringing a strategic marketing roadmap   

Transforming marketing efforts is hard without a roadmap. I will provide a step-by-step strategic marketing blueprint that identifies crucial strategic elements and critical initiatives and provides a straightforward course for achieving long-term business results.

Marketing firm Adelaide

Marketing SERVICES


Strategic Marketing Advisory

Strategic marketing consultancy services. Working with leadership teams to identify necessary changes in the current marketing approach to enable the transition into high-performing strategic marketing operations.


Fractional Marketing Director

Senior marketing leadership without the need to hire full-time. Working agreed hours per week or monthly, bringing a broader set of commercial and strategic marketing expertise to guide your team.


Outsourced Marketing Management

Short-term contracting marketing services. Working on an interim basis as an additional resource to your team, typically for a specific marketing project, or during the business planning process in support of the marketing plan development.

What I offer

Marketing solutions

Explore marketing packages for small & mid-sized businesses.


Strategic marketing plans

Using a comprehensive and structured strategic marketing framework to develop your strategic marketing plan for business growth.


Marketing workshops

Building strategic marketing capabilities for small in-house marketing teams through marketing workshops & training days.


Go-to-market strategy

Using a step-by-step blueprint for launching a new product or service, a new route to market, or strategically enhancing your B2B approach.


Marketing plan improvement

Helping you take stock of your current marketing efforts, identify shortcomings, and make recommendations on how to create marketing value.


Marketing audit

A structured assessment and review of your business’s current state of marketing to establish your baseline.

Ready to work together?

Marketing firm Adelaide

Recalibrate Marketing for business growth

Hello, my name is Mikael Svensson, a senior marketing executive with 25 years of experience in corporate and international companies. I am here to help you grow your business through strategic marketing.

Marketing Value Creation is a boutique marketing firm in Adelaide helping SMBs to build their strategic marketing roadmap for sustained business growth.

When revenue growth is stagnant or in decline, the first questions asked are typically where growth should come from. How do the company get back on track? And what will Marketing do to drive growth?

When it’s time to recalibrate marketing, and you need a marketing firm in Adelaide, I am here to help you unpack these questions with a strategic first approach to shape marketing for growth.

Marketing firm Adelaide

Marketing value creation for small to mid-sized companies

For large global enterprises, it is common that their market value is driven by marketing’s contribution to growing the firm’s intangible market assets.

This means that value creation, i.e., increased profit and cash flow, are derived from building brand equity, customer equity, distribution equity and marketing’s integration in the innovation process.

The question is, how can small to mid-sized businesses adopt the same focus and energy to grow a company’s intangible marketing assets? It’s not that these marketing value-creation elements are exclusive to large enterprises.

Quite the opposite. Marketing value creation for small and mid-sized businesses is accessible but may be left out in favour of tactical marketing choices.

As a marketing firm based in Adelaide I am here to help if you want to explore how to create marketing value and unlock your full strategic marketing potential.

Marketing firm Adelaide

The Marketing Value Creation’s core difference.

Marketing Value Creation exists to help companies to recalibrate Marketing for business growth. To design strategic marketing changes when it is needed. To rise above the marketing tactics and strategically move the business to the next level.

That point usually occurs when it’s time to change a company’s growth trajectory. When a company needs to renew its growth agenda, and when marketing results and focus are in question.

And when it happens, the surface-level marketing is generally in place. You know, the famous tip of the iceberg. What we can see in front of us. The web, the socials, the AdWords, the events, the webinars, the content…

The solution is normally about designing strategic marketing change. To rebuild the strategic marketing engine for growth.

Let me know how I can help you change?

Ready to work together?

Marketing firm Adelaide

Supporting your business growth agenda

Whether you want to grow market share in an existing category, expand into a new market or a new geographical area, develop new distribution channels or launch a new products or service, Marketing Value Creation – a boutique strategic marketing firm in Adelaide is here to help your business to succeed.

Marketing Firm FAQ’s

What does a marketing firm do?

A marketing firm is typically a marketing consultancy business, small or large, that provides strategic solutions for companies that face decline, slow revenue growth or profitability challenges. The approach normally looks beyond marketing tactics, where the firm works with clients to unlock their full strategic marketing potential.

What services does a marketing firm offer?

Smaller marketing firms typically offer strategic marketing services such as strategic marketing advisory, fractional marketing director services, and outsourced marketing management. A marketing firm should bring a robust strategic marketing process that helps businesses to develop marketing strategies to grow their business.

What makes a good marketing firm?

A great marketing firm will be able to diagnose and understand the client’s problems and use its expertise to provide an insight-driven, strategy-led planning process rather than focusing on marketing tactics when it comes to recalibrating Marketing for business growth.

Is it worth getting a marketing agency?

Whether you have a large in-house marketing team or only one or two marketing staff, it’s always a good idea to reach out to a marketing agency. What type of agency or marketing firm you choose to contact depends on what services you need; creative, advertising, PR, digital marketing, research, content, events, branding, or sometimes a business has a specific need for marketing strategy development and a plan to achieve this.

What are the 7 roles of marketing?

The functions of marketing are:

  1. Align marketing objectives with business goals.
  2. Develop customer insights for strategic development.
  3. Build brand equity.
  4. Build customer equity.
  5. Build channel equity.
  6. Integrate innovation and marketing processes.
  7. Deliver financial impact from marketing investments.

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Marketing firm Adelaide

Creating marketing value for your business

More in-depth about
marketing value creation


The importance of strategic marketing for small and medium-sized businesses

Small business challenges

Marketing is a critical component of any successful business. It holds true for large enterprises as well as for small or mid-sized companies (SMBs). In today’s competitive market, businesses of all sizes need effective marketing strategies and a robust marketing plan to achieve sustainable long-term growth.

However, developing a business plan or marketing plan takes time and effort, which many small business owners feel they don’t have time for. While there are many obstacles to overcome, the top two challenges many small businesses face today are access to finance and access to markets; both are linked to the ability to create visibility to attract new customers.

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The opportunity for a small business to grow

Even though small business owners have barriers to overcome, large corporates also have challenges on a larger scale in a more complex environment. While there are resource constraints for larger companies as well, they must compete for their market share, whether focusing on developing new categories and segments or finding new markets to grow revenue.

One main difference when it comes to the marketing planning process in larger enterprises compared small businesses is the expertise and resources available. As SMBs may only have a small in-house marketing team, it is common that there is no time available for planning, or there is lack of marketing training, or experience to create a strategic marketing plan.

But what if small and mid-sized business owners and their marketing teams could have access to corporate marketing expertise and experience to assist in developing a strategic marketing plan?

Marketing firm Adelaide

This is where Marketing Value Creation, a boutique Adelaide-based marketing firm, can make a significant difference to small or mid-sized businesses (SMBs). With 25 years of strategic marketing experience from corporate and international companies, I specialise in bringing a robust and systematic strategic marketing process to SMBs to help them build a solid marketing foundation.

I usually say, “imaging your business results when marketing works”. It’s about unlocking SMBs’ strategic marketing potential and helping them move beyond tactical marketing conversations and transform their current thinking.

As a strategic marketing consultant, I can help redefine marketing in a company and provide a new perspective on how marketing can help grow the business.

Interestingly, a 2022 trend report on marketing strategy found that 40% of marketers don’t have a documented strategy. As an average across different industry classifications, company types and marketing team sizes, there seems to be much room for improvement.

As a marketing firm in Adelaide, I provide expertise on how small and mid-sized businesses can develop and incorporate strategic marketing planning and identify critical strategic marketing elements necessary for long-term growth.

Bringing corporate marketing processes into small and mid-sized business environments

The overall market value of most large companies is primarily comprised of intangible assets, such as the brand, loyal customers, or a strong network of distributors, rather than tangibles. They are called intangible as the assets are non-physical when a company markets its product and services. This means that the company value is mostly driven by marketing-related activities.

As an Adelaide-based marketing firm, the goal is to bring the same focus and principles to small and medium-sized business environments, as intangible marketing assets are a cornerstone for creating long-term marketing value.

There are also interesting trend reports available, one for example, emphasizing the importance of retailers demonstrating their brand values and creating personalized customer experiences through human interaction. This principle of prioritizing customer needs applies to businesses across all industries and are not exclusive to retailers.

No matter what type of business you run, putting your customers first and developing a positive customer experience is crucial. While every company faces its own marketing challenges, working with a marketing firm can provide a valuable resource, expertise, and know-how to enhance customer interactions and ensure your brand values are effectively communicated.


The challenges facing small and medium-sized businesses

Lack of a marketing plan drives short-term tactical decisions.

Smaller companies often have limited resources compared to large corporations with larger marketing budgets and dedicated marketing teams.

For SMBs, marketing investments can therefore sometimes be very tactical and hands-on, and its very common to prioritise digital marketing efforts including social media and lead generation. That said, even for small businesses, finding marketing staff with the right skills can be difficult in a time when staff shortage is a real issue.

But even if a company can attract skilled staff, without a marketing plan or only a portion of a documented plan, this can become a big issue for any business. How does a company effectively hire marketing staff without a plan in place, and how do you know the skills the company recruits for are the right ones to support long-term growth?

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The importance of a having a marketing plan in place

Despite day-to-day challenges, small businesses need to allocate time to develop a strategic marketing plan to compete and grow. The benefits are many; one being that SMBs can make the most of their limited resources with a plan in place. As a result, they can stretch their marketing budgets further and achieve more significant results working towards clear goals and objectives.

Further, the connection between marketing, other departments and business strategy is always fundamental. Even so, a global marketing survey reveals that only 31% of marketers say their sales and marketing teams are strongly aligned.

Having a marketing plan can significantly enhance the overall performance of a business. By gaining a deeper understanding of the target audience and crafting messaging that resonates with them, businesses can improve their market position and distinguish themselves from competitors.

Moreover, by fostering collaboration between various departments, companies can disrupt the status quo of their marketing practices and unleash the full potential of marketing.


The benefits of bringing corporate marketing leadership experiences into small and medium-sized businesses

A marketing firm in Adelaide that brings systematic planning processes into small businesses.

It is common that small businesses require assistance in developing and implementing successful marketing strategies. As a marketing firm based in Adelaide, I specialize in bridging that gap by offering SMBs to co-build their strategic plan, enabling them to achieve their specific business objectives.

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Key benefits of leveraging corporate marketing skills

But what are the concrete advantages of leveraging corporate marketing skills and experiences to drive growth for small and medium-sized businesses? Here are some key benefits worth exploring:

  1. Increased efficiency: By tapping into marketing expertise, SMBs can streamline their marketing operations and achieve their objectives more efficiently.
  2. Competitive edge: Leveraging corporate marketing experience can help SMBs differentiate themselves from competitors by positioning themselves as a reliable, trustworthy, and innovative brand.
  3. Strategic planning: I partner with SMBs to develop comprehensive strategic plans that are aligned with their business objectives and capable of delivering measurable results.

But there are also other specific benefits of bringing corporate marketing skills and experiences into small and medium-sized businesses as well. Let’s take a closer look:

Improved Brand Awareness

For any company, it is crucial to increase its brand awareness. Research indicates that “75% of shoppers are likelier to purchase from a company that knows their name. But if you are an SMB, how do you get to the point of having a well-known brand?

While it sounds easy to develop a unique brand identity, create consistent messaging across all marketing channels, and leverage marketing channels to reach a wider audience for most companies, it’s not.

And because of that, smaller companies tend to jump into the tactics first instead of thinking about how segmentation, targeting, and positioning are essential tools and strategic approaches to develop brand marketing strategies and how a proven process will substantially benefit the business.

Increased Sales and Revenue

Ultimately, any marketing strategy aims to drive sales and revenue. The big question is what time horizon a company should use to evaluate the effectiveness, short-term and long-term.

To evaluate the results effectively, it is essential to have a dashboard of key performance indicators that provides insights into short and long-term results and to continuously use analytics and data to refine and improve marketing strategies and campaigns.


Leveraging intangible marketing assets for growth

Marketing value creation is about leveraging the intangible marketing assets.

Strategically leveraging intangible marketing assets such as the brand, channel of distribution, customers, and integration of marketing and innovation becomes critical for any company in terms of how to win in the market.

Let’s look at each intangible marketing asset closely and why they are essential.

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Leveraging Brand Assets for Growth

If you ask why creating brands is vital, you will get different answers from different people.

In a simplified way, by developing a unique brand identity and messaging that resonates with potential customers, businesses can differentiate themselves from competitors and build strong customer relationships.

Others would argue that the main reason for developing and investing in a brand is because you can charge a premium price, and reputable brands tend to be more price inelastic under challenging times.

The marketing strategist and author David Aaker said, “Branding adds spirit and a soul to what would otherwise be a robotic, automated, generic price-value proposition.

Leveraging Channel of Distribution for Growth

Effective distribution channels are critical for large enterprises, and small and medium-sized businesses are no different. Businesses can reach their target audience more effectively and efficiently by leveraging the right distribution channels.

The economist and business strategist Michael Porter said, “a company can outperform rivals only if it can establish a difference that it can preserve.” One way to establish this difference is by leveraging distribution channels that competitors need to utilise or by utilising existing channels more effectively.

The way to think about the distribution channels’ importance is that the revenue streams come from the channels in a business. When developing a marketing strategy, there are four main questions to ask:

  • What channels do you use to distribute your product?
  • Where is the revenue originated from?
  • Who is the sphere of influence in the channel?
  • What marketing channels should a company use to reach those who buys or influence the purchase decision?

Leveraging a customer-centric approach for growth

Making the customer the focal point of the business is crucial. Or as the famous management guru, Peter F Drucker, said, “The purpose of a business is to create and keep a customer”.

Considering that, customer centricity is pivotal in any marketing plan. It’s really about understanding customers’ needs and preferences before developing customer strategies.

As simple as that sound, Philip Kotler, the marketing guru, and Professor, provides some valuable advice “It is no longer enough to satisfy your customers. You must delight them”.

From a marketing strategy perspective, it is pivotal to conduct market research to gain insights into customer preferences and leverage that in the strategic planning process to improve business outcomes.

When building a marketing strategy, there are three main customer questions to ask.

  • What is the customer journey to purchase the company’s products and services?
  • How does the company provide the best customer experience across all touchpoints?
  • How does the company best engage the customers when they want to?

Integration of marketing and innovation processes for business growth

Finally, integrating marketing and innovation processes are critical to driving growth and success, and much has been written about the marketing role in a company when it comes to innovation.

The Innovation value chain from Harvard Business Review for example is a great article to read. It speaks to the importance of viewing the process of transforming ideas into commercial outputs as an integrated flow in three phases: idea generation, converting ideas and idea diffusion, rather than thinking about it as transforming raw material into finished goods.

Finally, in large enterprises, the Marketing function usually has a prominent role to play in developing new products. For SMBs, though, marketing may have a different and lesser involvement depending on the company. Regardless, successful integration of marketing and innovation processes is critical, or as Peter Drucker famously once said,” a business only has two functions, marketing, and innovation.

Marketing firm Adelaide

In conclusion, small and medium-sized businesses must leverage intangible marketing assets to succeed in today’s competitive landscape. Focusing on key elements such as the brand, distribution channels, the customers, and integrating marketing and innovation processes can help SMBs develop a powerful marketing strategy that delivers long-term business growth.

At Marketing Value Creation, a boutique Adelaide-based marketing firm, there is a real understanding of the challenges SMBs face in today’s market. A comprehensive range of strategic marketing services and packages are available to SMBs to enhance their strategic marketing approach.

Whether you’re a small business looking to replace your current marketing approach or a mid-sized company seeking to take the next step in your growth journey, Marketing Value Creation is here to help you.

Additional FAQ’s

How a small marketing firm can help small businesses

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How can a marketing firm help small businesses to develop a marketing strategy?

A well-defined marketing strategy is crucial for any business as it provides a clear direction and roadmap for achieving its goals. A marketing firm can help companies to identify their target audience, understand market dynamics, differentiate themselves from competitors, allocate resources effectively, and make informed decisions to maximise their marketing efforts and drive sustainable growth.

Does a marketing firm deliver a systematic process for developing marketing strategies that benefit businesses?

A systematic process for developing marketing strategies brings structure and organisation to the marketing planning process. Marketing firms usually follow a systematic, data-driven approach, identify opportunities, mitigate risks, and develop strategies that are aligned with their business objectives, resulting in more effective and successful marketing campaigns.

Do marketing firms make marketing assessments as part of recalibrating and optimising marketing efforts?

A marketing assessment plays a crucial role in recalibrating the effectiveness of current strategies and tactics. Marketing firms typically conduct a marketing assessment to gain insights into what is working and what needs adjustment, allowing them to develop a comprehensive future approach to marketing for better results.

How can a marketing firm help small businesses to ensure their marketing strategy aligns with their overall business goals and objectives?

It is essential to understand if marketing contributes to business goals and objectives, whether it is increasing market share, driving revenue growth, launching new products, or building brand awareness. A marketing firm should be able to help small businesses to align their marketing strategy with these objectives and develop specific marketing goals, tactics, and metrics that directly support and contribute to the broader business goals.

What are the typical components of a marketing firm outlining a marketing roadmap for a company?

A comprehensive marketing roadmap typically includes vital components such as situational analysis, target audience identification, value proposition, marketing goals, strategies, tactics, budget allocation, timelines, and performance measurement.

It serves as a visual guide, outlining the steps and milestones to be achieved in the marketing journey. A marketing firm typically helps businesses with a well-structured roadmap to ensure clarity, alignment, guidance, and directions towards achieving marketing objectives and business success. 

What factors should I consider when choosing a marketing firm for my business?

When choosing a marketing firm for your business, it’s essential to think of strategy first and tactics second. That means that a marketing assessment should be one of the first areas to be covered before jumping to conclusions about what to do. It’s also important to ask what strategic marketing experience each marketing consultant has from working in large companies, as they are the ones who will transfer their strategic marketing skills and capabilities to your business.

Are marketing firms specialised in specific industries, or do they cater to businesses across various sectors?

Marketing firms can have different areas of specialisation, catering to specific industries or sectors. While others may have a broader range of expertise and serve businesses across various sectors, including B2B or B2C companies, others may have a combination. It is essential to explore the marketing firm’s ability to transfer its strategic marketing skills and experiences to different sectors.