Manufacturing Marketing

Helping manufacturers to recalibrate Marketing through review, building marketing and brand  strategy for long term growth contribution.

Manufacturing marketing services

To build a fit-for-purpose manufacturing marketing strategy and growth plan, it is essential to take a holistic view of your customers, your brand, your channels, and your innovation opportunities.

These are areas I can help with:


Review current manufacturing marketing approach

Helping you to take stock of your current manufacturing marketing efforts and operational approach with identification of shortcomings, and recommendations on where to improve to create strategic marketing value.


Strategic manufacturing marketing plan development

Helping you to create and apply a comprehensive strategic manufacturing marketing blueprint in the development of your marketing plan to transform the marketing operations into high-value growth contributor.


Strategic manufacturing marketing plan implementation

Interim, contract or fractional hands-on strategic manufacturing marketing expertise working closely with your marketing team during the marketing plan implementation process.

Manufacturing marketing

Marketing to the manufacturing sector

The Australian manufacturing sector plays a critical role in the Australian economy. The industry includes an extensive range of businesses, from manufacturers producing small batches of components to large-scale production of goods. 

Examples include food & beverages, clothing, wood, paper, chemical, metal, machinery, components and parts, household goods and much more.

Marketing value creation elements in the manufacturing industries focus on the brand, the customer, innovation, an in-depth understanding of distribution channels.

B2B Manufacturing hybrid marketing

The strategic marketing approach will differ depending on the distribution model and manufacturing verticals. For example, when manufacturing consumer goods, the marketing touchpoints through the distribution channels will be very different compared to a business-to-business product. 

Whether or not you are a consumer goods manufacturer or an industrial manufacturer, you will likely need a two-speed dial or a hybrid approach.

For example, suppose you are a consumer goods manufacturer. In that case, think about how you simultaneously approach the re-sellers while building a strong consumer brand, as well as the interactions and interconnections between both.

If you are an industrial manufacturer, you need to consider the stakeholder who makes the decision and the people who indirectly influence decisions. For example, think about the contractor and the architect relationship. It’s a typical example of the hybrid model, and a two-speed dial.  

Questions to ask in manufacturing marketing

There are four main questions to consider when building a marketing strategy in the manufacturing industry.


Where is the revenue coming from?


Who is who in the sphere of influence?


How do you engage with people in your sphere of influence?


What experience would each person like to have?

Manufacturing marketing strategy and planning

Do you have ambitious growth targets, and need a new robust manufacturing marketing strategy?

Are there any of the areas you may consider?


Increasing customer retention


Growing share of customers


Enter new segments


Launching new products

Manufacturing marketing and the stakeholders

Manufacturing marketing is complex, and it is the totality of marketing efforts that brings results.

To build effective manufacturing marketing strategies, it is essential to understand the stakeholders and the influencers and how to engage, interact and communicate with them.

From an industrial perspective, there may be developers, contractors, architects, specifying engineers, designers, distribution partners, installers, or specific roles in the manufacturing facility, such as the maintenance manager, plant manager, or engineers with a particular area of responsibility.

To hear more about how I can help with manufacturing marketing, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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