1 HOUR strategic MARKETING advisory

Refine the way you go about Marketing

Reallocate resources to focus on high-impact, valuable marketing through a 1 hour marketing consultation video call.

The benefits of hourly Strategic Marketing Consultation & Advisory

Strategic insight

Providing insights into how your business with targeted, strategic marketing insights can overcome your unique challenges and goals.

Flexible support

Providing flexible, on-demand consulting to adapt quickly to changes and seize opportunities as they arise.

Actionable plans

Creating clear, actionable plans that move your business forward, turning insights into strategies and strategies into results.”

Expertise on call

Immediate access to seasoned marketing expertise whenever needed, just a call away to guide your critical decisions.

Growth focused

Focusing on growth, helping you identify and leverage opportunities for expansion and increased market presence.

Result oriented

Driven by results, using data insights and knowledge to enhance your marketing performance and business impact

Strategic marketing consultation

With daily busy schedules, many business owners, leaders, and marketing staff are increasingly working “in” the business instead of “on” the business.

It’s easy to constantly do “tasks” rather than stepping back and strategically thinking about the business. Many times, marketing challenges tend to go around in circles and the solutions tend to be the same; therefore, contacting an external marketing consultant who is not part of your daily discussions can quickly identify the problem.

Strategic marketing consultation that makes a difference

This is where having access to experienced strategic marketing expertise can make all the difference. This service is ideal for you who want a quick chat or sporadic support to address a specific challenge, a business, or a marketing problem.

I will work with you hourly, providing the level of involvement that suits your needs and schedule from one-off sessions to regular check-ins.

What is your biggest marketing challenges right now?

All businesses have their specific challenges, but you’d be surprised that many companies face the same problems. With 25 years as a marketing professional and leader, I have worked with most types of business marketing, from B2C to B2B, and a combination of both.

Building marketing strategy has always been essential for all my jobs, but with a combination of hands-on marketing, I understand the challenges businesses face when it comes to building brands, developing communication, creating content, developing customer engagement programs, managing digital campaigns, developing websites, and understanding how to get more customers.

No matter the marketing challenge, what’s essential though, is to take a strategy-led first, tactic second approach.

We don't have a marketing plan

Challenge: Unclear direction and scattered marketing efforts.

Potential solution: Creating a cohesive plan that aligns marketing tactics with business and marketing strategy.

I don't know who my clients are

Challenge: Difficulty in targeting and engaging the right audience.

Potential solution: Profiling your ideal customers to tailor marketing strategies that effectively address their needs and preferences.

Lack of clear business goals and marketing objectives

Challenge: Vague goals lead to ineffective marketing strategies.

Potential solution: Defining specific, measurable objectives to focus efforts and track progress.

Lack of brand awareness

Challenge: Inconsistent brand messaging leads to poor market recognition.

Potential solution: Potential solution: Develop a unified brand voice and message that resonates with your target audience and enhances brand identity.

Difficulties in engaging with my customers

Challenge: Low customer retention and engagement.

Potential solution: Implementing targeted engagement programs and service improvements to build trust and long-term relationships.

Not effective digital marketing tactics

Challenge: Poor use of digital channels, resulting in missed opportunities.

Potential solution: Leveraging the appropriate digital approach for your business

I'm sure I know our customers and the market

Challenge: Insufficient understanding of what customers want

Potential solution: Conducting market research to inform strategic decisions

Lack of sales and marketing alignment

Challenge: Misaligned objectives and strategies between sales and marketing.

Potential solution: Integrating sales and marketing efforts to ensure maximum impact.